Personal Reflection


In previous classes, I’ve had the opportunity to learn, create, and use blogging websites. Two years ago, I created a lifestyle blog to showcase my lifestyle interests. However, I was not successful with keeping up with it because I only focused on the aesthetics of the website. I realized that people weren’t viewing my website because I wrote poor content. However this past summer, I interned at a public relations firm in South Florida and pitched to different fashion bloggers. As I went through their websites, I saw why they were successful bloggers: they incorporated great copy with amazing images. After seeing the websites, I updated my blog into fashion and lifestyle blog and have kept up with it.

With this project, my goal was to create posts that were both visually and content appealing. Something interesting I learned through my blogging experience was a person needs great content on their blog. Without it, people will lose interest and not read the material. Next, choosing the appropriate media is important. With the perfect image or video, the readers can better understand your storyline. That being said the more of a story you create and convey, the more interesting and appealing it will be to the reader. At the end of the day, that is the most important I learned from this experience. When a person writes from their heart and with passion, they connect on a deeper level with the reader. Overall, I love to blog and will continue blogging with hopes of creating my own brand.


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