Loss of Privacy

Eye Looking Over Person On Computer

Source: https://gigaom.com/2011/12/04/419-five-solutions-to-the-privacy-problem-why-they-work-and-why-they-dont/

As a whole, people have loss their privacy with new online technology. Consequently, the Loss of Privacy trend is somewhat accurate for the entertainment genre because online entertainment connects with your personal information. For example, my little brother recently purchased a Playstation 4 and uses it regularly. The game console allows us to play video games with other online users, stream and watch online services like Netflix and much more. However, in order to use these features, we need to enter our personal information with Playstation, such as our bank information and location. Furthermore, people can easily locate our every move, putting us at risk of a cybercrime.

            Personally, I think the most extreme, unexpected experience with loss of privacy in the entertainment genre is having access to all entertainment in one game console. That being said, hackers can access a plethora of information from one device. For instance, if someone hacks into my brother’s Playstation account, they have access to my brother’s YouTube, Pandora, Netflix account (which has his bank information). Overall, the loss of privacy trend is accurate for the entertainment genre.


Source: http://prairieecothrifter.com/2012/06/mourning-loss-privacy.html

Before social media existed, people barely knew about other people’s lives unless they told them personally. However, social media has changed that completely. The Loss of Privacy trend is very accurate for the social media genre because people post very personal information online without even thinking twice about it. For example, I posted a picture of myself at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Miami event and I got 192 likes on the photo. With that single post, people knew where I was, what I was wearing, who I was with, and what time the event was at. Although this example is not a negative one, some people don’t realize the negative consequences from posting too much information. In a nutshell anyone can see the post, even a future employer.

            In today’s “communication world” it’s normal to know what a person is doing 24-7. In the past however, it wasn’t a normal thing. I believe this effect is an unexpected result because people have to adjust to loosing their privacy. For instance, my father HATES when I snap chat him because he thinks it’s an invasion of his privacy. However, I think it’s perfectly normal to be publicly filmed or photographed. That being said, I’m extremely careful with what I post online because I know the negative consequences with inappropriate posts. Nonetheless, I believe our lives are public more than ever and this will affect how people have to act in public.


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