Death of Distance


The Death of Distance new communication trend is somewhat accurate for the entertainment genre. As a whole, people do not have to travel to purchase entertainment anymore. In the past, if I wanted to listen to music, I would have to travel to a music store and purchase a CD. However, I can purchase and download music from iTunes or stream music from Pandora and listen to my tunes. Another similar example is the movie and TV industry. Netflix,, and YouTube are some examples that allow people to stream movies and TV shows from their laptop or smart phone. I only pay $8 a month for my Netflix membership and have access to many movies and TV shows. Nevertheless, these examples convey how the death of distance new communication trend affects the entertainment genre.

            I believe people didn’t realize the quickness of receiving information with technology. Hence, receiving online entertainment with a click of a button is something people did not expect. For example, people can stream music, movies, and games in a couple of minutes without leaving their home. It’s a convenient service because people don’t have to travel to purchase entertainment. However, a negative unexpected occurrence with this trend is of loss profits of CDs and music stores. This affects musicians as well because they used to make great profit from CD sales. New laptops, such as the MacBook Pro with Retina Display, do not have CD players in them. Overall, this is a major change in technology, which further suggests how the death of distance is correct.



The Death of Distance new communication trend is extremely accurate for the social media genre. Social media is defined as content that is generated through online social interaction. Hence, this relatively new genre eliminates having to travel somewhere in order to communicate with someone. For example, Facebook is a very popular social media platform used by over 500 million people. With Facebook, people can connect and communicate with friends, classmates, professionals, and even with family members they have never met before. Thus, I believe this is the BIGGEST change our society has dealt with in terms of communicating with other people. Facebook is a free social media platform and allows people to connect with anyone from the world with a click of a button. The only negative effect from this new trend is the loss of personal connection between humans. At the end of the day, face-to-face contact is the most amiable way to communicate with someone-no technology will ever change that. If I’m feeling homesick, I’m going to visit my parents in person, not through Skype. As a whole, social media will eliminate traveling to communicate with others but will not eliminate the good feeling of human contact.


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